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    The only PDM solution for footwear and fashion companies entirely integrated within the production system

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PDM is the module for business planning and the basis for each D-Moda Suite package.



PDM (Product Development Management), along with D-Moda ERP, is the module for business planning and the basis for each D-Moda Suite package.

This is the only management program on the market integrated into a full suite which is able to manage product creation within the concept of a collection: reduces collection timescales, manages bills of materials, orders, requirements calculation and supply.

The philosophy behind PDM is the conviction that manufacturing in the fashion industry is dynamic and not predetermined. D-Moda PDM doesn’t just ‘assume’ that fashion goods are static mechanical products, but is conscious of the fact that the creative process feeds on inspiration from the moment it goes into production and continues depending on the final customer’s requirements.

This is why it is the best management software on the market. It is the only one which helps you avoid unnecessary obstacles and make information useful and flexible during each phase of the process.


D-Moda PDM helps you plan and control production, reducing production time for your collection.

This module from the D-Moda Suite enables you to recover efficiencies in business processes either within particular departments or with external intermediaries. With PDM, the production process is fully monitored right from the outset.

This management software allows you to reduce costs by optimising raw materials and minimise waste during the sample creation phase.

PDM is a highly-developed configurator which enables you to standardise construction of articles by allowing the rapid definition of the specifications of each model. It automatically generates detailed patterns, simply and quickly, for finished products, raw materials and part-finished products, allowing you to manage any subsequent modifications centrally.

PDM can also generate Bills of Materials automatically, based on colour combination and composition rules.


PDM can guide you through the creation of new pieces for a collection (materials, models, variants), speeding up production processes and making them more efficient.

In fact, in just a few clicks you can enter all the data for the bill of materials and define the links between each article and its components.

With PDM, you can manage sales of seasonal models/variants, defining seasons, mid-seasons and collections. You can also benefit from a full reporting suite containing images and designs.

Each module in the D-Moda Suite allows you to manage production processes fully, even mapping employee reporting structures, the state of equipment and certification of components along with their related technical data.


PDM management software is:

  • Web-based or fully outsourced;
  • Hardware-independent;
  • Installable on all common platforms;
  • Multilingual;
  • Allows user tracking;
  • Works with other management systems;
  • Supported by an online Helpdesk.

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