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PLAN is the production control software designed to respond to the needs of businesses operating in the fashion sector.



PLAN is the most important software in the D-Moda Suite as it gives you detailed control over all phases of the production process.

D-Moda PLAN is the only production control software which provides business planning based on the needs of the footwear and fashion sector.


D-Moda PLAN is the production control software which speaks the language of people and businesses operating in the fashion industry.

It is a structured and ultra-specialised planner which features a vertical modularity. Where other generalist planning systems available on the market came about simply as adaptations of software used in other sectors, D-Moda PLAN is an integrated management system resulting from a single project, constantly updated, and which combines all the experience of large businesses in the fashion sector like LouisVuitton, Tod’s and Ballin into one modular structure.

D-Moda PLAN is a refined product for detailed control of the production process and, like D-Moda PDM, is the only planning system which understands that manufacturing in the fashion industry is dynamic and not predetermined.

Thanks to good planning management within the production process, your business will produce less waste, have more order and customer security, have a detailed overview of stocks to avoid running low and never have to run out of anything during production, nor overestimate supply orders.

PLAN has been based on experience from various business models: production in various countries, mixed internal/external production, production and distribution for wholesale vs retail, management of intercompany dynamics.


Using D-Moda PLAN, you can anticipate any critical points during execution of your work program and define a new business process framework in real time according to your business’s specific circumstances and the dynamics of the fashion industry.

D-Moda PLAN allows you to anticipate quantities of components needed for each size, the related orders with various suppliers and the timescales necessary to ensure the work plan goes smoothly.

This module also allows you to:

  • have graphical aggregation and visualisation of MPS/CRP;
  • create a preview summary useful for achieving your business targets;
  • have detailed management of your production line and identify workers production capacity and work cycles;
  • determine the time needed between issuing the supply order and arrival of the goods;
  • simulate supplier proposals;
  • use the “what if” function to determine what would happen on the principal plane if the production and/or predicted parameters changed;
  • optimise logistical preparation times for various components in order to balance production against assembly.

D-moda PLAN is:

  • Hardware-independent;
  • Installable on all common platforms;
  • Multilingual;
  • Supported by an online Helpdesk;
  • Releases are included in the licence fee.

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