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D-Moda SUPPLY CHAIN helps you automate the exchange of information between your business and suppliers/third-parties relating to orders and materials in production.



SUPPLY CHAIN is part of the D-Moda Suite PREMIUM package.

It is a module which supports the business in its relationships with suppliers. SUPPLY CHAIN actually helps businesses have a complete and detailed overview of orders and materials in production.


D-Moda SUPPLY CHAIN allows your business to communicate with suppliers quickly and effectively.

This supply chain management software from the Premium package allows you to create orders for partner businesses and check the progress of production in real time thanks to web technology, integrating its data with data from all the other D-Moda family of products.

The SUPPLY CHAIN module is compatible with all main ERP software, even non D-Moda, and makes it possible to integrate data allowing it to be transmitted and received in real time.


SUPPLY CHAIN allows you to collect all the information needed to guarantee a smooth production process. Data is organised per manufacturer so you have always have “central” control over all phases.

This management program can be integrated with other modules in the Premium package. In this way your business can:

  • create specification sheet showing the related component validations;
  • check the state of progress of production;
  • (if D-PLAN module is active) have a work program showing the related deadline for each production unit;
  • benefit from tools for creating packaging and shipment of the finished goods;
  • have tools for checking any delays to production.

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