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  • Ad hoc ERP solutions for companies in the footwear and fashion sector help them plan processes and improve efficiency.
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  • The best management software in the fashion industry: an integrated suite of custom integrated solutions based on a company’s needs.
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  • From retail to order software on iPad, all the solutions you need to optimise your company’s sales strategies.

D-moda Pro

D-Moda Suite Pro is the base package designed for all medium-sized footwear and fashion companies looking to increase performance, control and competitiveness.

Why choose PRO?

If your company is in need of better organisation in order to improve how it interprets data, to define processes and increase management control, D-Moda Suite Pro is the ideal solution. It allows you to monitor all production process phases, while reducing risks and costs.

Can we buy modules separately?

No. The Pro package is the Suite’s base solution designed for medium-sized companies which can organise, simplify and help plan production processes.

D-moda Premium

D-Moda Suite Premium is the package made up of five modules which can be scaled and integrated. It is designed for medium-sized and large businesses in the footwear and fashion industry.

Why choose PREMIUM?

If you are a medium-large company in need of a solution capable of integrating with other existing company software, the D-Moda Premium package is what you’re looking for. All modules can be operational in only 9 months, with independent setup phases designed to have the least impact on processes.


Yes. All D-Moda Premium components are scalable, can interface with all management systems on the market and with generalist software such as SAP and JDE.

D-moda Sales Solutions

D-Moda Sales Solutions is the complete set of optional Suite modules which can be freely combined with the Pro package and various components of the Premium package.


If your business needs to manage customer relationships, improve performance of the sales network, optimise the management of sales teams and orders, coordinate the work of all sales outlets anywhere in the world, the advanced features of Sales Solutions can provide structured and effective responses.


Yes. RETAIL, CRM and ISHOWYOU can be purchased individually depending on your business requirements and can be integrated either with the Pro package or the various modules of the Premium package.



Can D-Moda Suite be customised?

Yes. D-Moda Suite PRO is a highly-customisable Business Fashion Solution built specifically for your footwear or fashion business based on the problems faced on a daily basis, including any standards/compliance issues.

Can it be integrated with other systems/software?

Yes. D-Moda Suite is the only product which integrates perfectly with RFID middleware and other generalist software like SAP and JDE where these are already installed in your company. D-Moda PRO is already integrated with ECM (Enterprise Content Management) for INTRADOC document management and can be integrated with other document management solutions.

How long will it take to implement D-Moda in my company?

The average implementation time for products in your company is around 9 months. The installation happens over successive phases so that your organisational structure is not overloaded when managing the transition.

Which services are included with the Suite’s modules?

When you buy any of the Suite’s modules, we include a preliminary analysis phase which looks at your company’s specific requirements and then develop the necessary services accordingly. Also included in installation, configuration, staff training in correct use and support during the implementation process.

Are the licences renewed annually?

No. The licences are for unlimited use and there are no annual renewals.

Do we have to pay for upgrades?

No. Our products are continually updated over time based on new requirements coming from our customers, and all releases are included in the licence fee. As the product is improved, it is improved for everyone at no extra charge.

Can it be used by multiple users at the same time?

Yes. All D-Moda Suite Premium applications are multi-user. Depending on its size and characteristics, each company chooses the number of licences it requires for each module, and therefore only pays the fee most adapted to its needs.

Is there a fee for support? Is the system secure?

Yes. There are two types of support fee: one for maintenance and one for the help desk support for use of the Suite after the implementation phase.

Is the system secure?

Yes. The server is installed by our own experts directly at your company location to ensure maximum security of the procedure. Whether online or offline, the data and procedures are perfectly controlled and secure. The system also provides traceability of user activities so you can identify exactly who did what for every single activity.

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