The module for advanced logistics management

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D-Moda ADVANCED LOGISTIC is the warehouse management software for coordinating supplied goods and finished products.



D-Moda ADVANCED LOGISTIC is the D-Moda Suite PREMIUM package‘s module for managing supplied goods and finished products.

This warehouse management program optimises logistics management, controlling all activities via the use of barcodes and portable wireless devices.

Its integration into the D-Moda Suite and in particular with PDM, ERP, PLAN and RETAIL, allows you to minimise remainders, properly manage supplies according to value and availability and optimise logistics and shipping.


D-Moda ADVANCED LOGISTIC can be configured and adapted to various types of management.

ADVANCED LOGISTIC allows you to have permanently up-to-date stock mappings and levels which can be checked for deviation between stock level and system to an accuracy of 1%.

Thanks to a decrease in the amount of time it takes materials to transit and space/structure optimisation, this warehouse management software enables you to increase worker productivity and eliminate picking/handling errors in stock items.

ADVANCED LOGISTIC can generate picking lists (single/grouped orders) and suggest optimised picking routes.


ADVANCED LOGISTIC is the warehouse logistics module which guides workers step by step through the materials picking process, coordinating them with individual picking route instructions.

By configuring the various logistics areas, this module allows you to:

  • pick materials quickly and efficiently;
  • manage placement of materials and goods in the process of transformation;
  • organised loading and unloading;
  • manage inventories;
  • collect the requirements from various departments about their logistics needs.

The warehouse management system D-Moda LOGISTIC is:

  • compatible with RF web terminals and portable printers;
  • web-based;
  • hardware-independent;
  • installable on all common platforms;
  • multilingual;
  • multi-user;
  • supported by an online Helpdesk.

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