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D-Moda RETAIL is the retail management system software for businesses.



D-Moda RETAIL is the module for managing retail sales outlets.

RETAIL is part of the Sales Solutions package and is the best solution for fashion retail businesses who have a series of outlets around the world. It has been developed through attention to the needs of our customers, such as Tod’s, Casadei, Baldinini and others.


D-Moda RETAIL is a retail module which allows you to manage your business’s various sales outlets simply and intuitively, thanks to the easy touchscreen interface.

D-Moda RETAIL, designed to interface with any e-commerce platform and all ERP solutions on the market, helps your business increase sales, bring down costs and reduce processing times.

The module is made up of:

  • a company portal for all centralised sales and head office functions;
  • a back office function for all online shop activities such as stocking the warehouse, reports and dashboard.

D-Moda RETAIL also allows you to interrogate the stock levels in all shops in real time to optimise materials, options and stock rotation within the sales network.

Managing checkouts is also simplified through the use of this retail software. Each checkout can be installed in less than two hours without the need for an engineer and works autonomously. RETAIL checkouts are flexible and accessible via a simple login.

D-Moda RETAIL helps your business instil loyalty in customers through promotional campaigns at a particular shop or on a particular item.

There is also the possibility of sales within the shop via the tablet app where the salesperson can check stock availability for a particular article, show it to the customer and immediately order it via e-commerce, for cases where the item is not available in-store.


D-moda RETAIL:

  • installs itself;
  • multilingual;
  • can perform automatic offline/online synchronisation.

RETAIL has been chosen, among others, by