• D-moda MONITOR

    Production monitoring

    d-moda monitor programmazione e controllo della produzione


MONITOR is the software module for scheduling and controlling production, part of the D-Moda Suite’s PRO package.



D-Moda MONITOR is the module which allows you to monitor production scheduling and control, and analyse timing and costs in real time.

It is the little brother of our PLAN software, forms the basis of the PREMIUM package and is always associated with use of ERP management system.


MONITOR anticipates production problems, allowing you to view them in a single display screen so you can control the state of production and direct appropriate improvement activities.

Its high degree of accessibility and usability, along with its excellent performance, make MONITOR a unique product for monitoring all production phases.


The D-Moda management software MONITOR module connects your main manufacturing, procurement and production personnel, allowing them to view information in an effective manner.

In this way, production scheduling and control are carried out in a consistent and coordinated fashion, thanks also to your ability to monitor the following in real time:

  • deadlines, certification of data and checking the status of bills of materials;
  • feasibility of the production plan for each phase and department.

MONITOR also provides alerting tools for components and machining processes in a way that increases company efficiency in order to eliminate waste and reduce costs.



  • web-based or fully outsourced;
  • hardware-independent;
  • installable on all common platforms;
  • multilingual;
  • works with other management systems;
  • supported by an online Helpdesk.

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