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D-Moda E-COMMERCE B2B is the dedicated module for online B2B sales designed to interface with all main e-commerce platforms.



D-Moda E-COMMERCE B2B is the e-commerce module which enables online sales to distributors (B2B).

Using this module, your business can manage stock, sales, re-stocking for online and offline customers all on the one platform. One single quick and intuitive tool which integrates perfectly with the LOGISTIC module.


D-Moda E-COMMERCE B2B represents a virtual shop window for all your company’s available products.

It integrates perfectly with D-Moda LOGISTIC for online sales of in-stock products to distributors/retailers chosen by the company which have supplied personal access credentials, discount profiles and payments.

This e-commerce management module allows you to keep a contacts database and create an archive over time that can be used for marketing purposes.

Also, the chat function allows you to activate your customer service which has benefits in terms of loyalty.


D-Moda E-COMMERCE B2B allows you to check sizes/measurements and available colours in real time. It also allows you to upload images for each product and therefore provide a 360 degree panorama of each article displayed on the platform.

Once the order has been accepted, it is transformed into a picking order for logistics. These orders are aggregated into batches and sent for picking and subsequent dispatch. A “customer order” is created automatically for each customer. At this point, the shipping order is sent to logistics, the parcels are prepared for shipping and the invoice is automatically created.

With D-Moda E-COMMERCE B2B, you can centralise all information in ERP, during the order phase, and manage direct notification emails to various operators.


The D-Moda Suite E-COMMERCE B2B module is:

  • hardware-independent;
  • compatible with the most common e-commerce platforms;
  • multilingual;
  • supported by an online Helpdesk;
  • has a user-friendly graphical interface;
  • has a configuration interface for product selection;
  • has a guided registration procedures for new users;
  • has a configuration interface for access credentials to the restricted area.