emmedata e InfinityID per i gestionali aziendali

Optimize your business management with Emmedata and InfinityID solutions

Thanks to the partnership with InfinityID, Emmedata can make company production processes faster and more efficient.

Emmedata is constantly working on the technological innovation of its products. The D-mode Suite is always evolving, integrating the best solutions to optimize business management. Hence the partnership with InfinityID, a leading company in the development of RFID automatic identification systems.

Thanks to this agreement, it will be possible to easily integrate the cutting-edge solutions put forward by InfinityID within company management: parametric software, which can be configured and adapted to individual needs. A professional tool which is easy and ready to use (the implementation takes place in just one week), which allows you to create a customized RFID project, with an almost unlimited field of applications.

How InfinityID works


What are the advantages of D-mode + Infinity ID integration in company management?

• you have an integrated product, available for managing all business processes. In fact, D-mode Suite and InfinityID can be integrated into the following sectors:

• time saving and optimizing production and logistics supply chain
• all operational data is integrated directly into your management system, which is more reliable and, above all, immediately available. This way you will always have an overview, and will be able to make decisions at any time as fast as possible


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