Emmedata enters the world of Business Intelligence: the agreement with Qlick has been signed

Emmedata is now among the oem Qlik Views partners. The agreement with QlikTech Italy Srl, the company that revolutionised the world of Business Intelligence by developing a new way of managing data analysis, has been concluded.

Emmedata: Authorised Reseller of Qlik products

Thanks to its own development team and to its collaboration with Qlik, Emmedata is able to integrate and embed Qlik Sense or Qlik View into its own ERP solutions to offer visual analytics that are even more powerful and able to give the company a reading of data and a vision of the business without precedent.

The competitive benefit of Qlik solutions

Qlik has developed data analysis software that completely stands out from SQL systems currently present on the market. Such systems employ a “linear” approach that departs from pre-aggregated data and predefined queries.

Qlik, on the other hand, allows for the exploration of data “without limits”: the research is interactive and is executed on all data present in the database without predefined hierarchies and fixed courses.

This functional setting has numerous benefits, as it allows for:

  • The indication of all relationships between data, combining all origins, independent of quantities and sizes;
  • The execution of analysis “at the speed of thought”: everything is updated immediately at every click, without the need to wait for the slowness of the query or the preparation of data;
  • The utilisation of analyses in a coordinated way. Everyone within the same organisation and regardless of their competences can work directly with the data, reducing time frames.

Qlik Sense and Qlik View

Two products capable of creating better business solutions, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and improving client satisfaction.

Qlik Sense is the associative data indexing engine that allows for the extension of access to information from a single person to the whole company. Thanks to interactive visuals, data is displayed rapidly and coherently, to indicate the results to be acted upon in real time. A single click on any device is enough to immediately update the entire display. Thus, data analysis does not follow a static course but rather the logical thread of intuitions.

Qlik View, on the other hand, allows for the creation of personalised applications, complete with guided analyses: thus, you can establish – accurately and at any moment – the tools that are required by the business and its composite teams.


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